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Getting serious about solar

In line with our aspirations to reduce carbon emissions, we are investing in more efficient energy solutions, such as solar power.

Devrukh, India

At our Devrukh site in India, we are running one of our largest renewable energy projects.

By installing 1330 solar panels, we will be able to produce enough energy to provide the site with free power for 25 years, whilst reducing emissions by up to 47% per annum.

The solar panels will also enable us to reduce the inside temperature of the shop floor by 5 to 10 degrees, creating a safer and more pleasant working environment for our employees.

Devruhk solar panels

Suzhou, China

In April 2017, we installed 24 sets of solar water heater units on the roof of one of our buildings in Suzhou.

The system can produce around 12 tons of 55℃ hot water every day for the site’s hot water system and will save 291 tons of steam every year.

Suzhou solar panels

Sustainability report 2017

Sustainability is better business.